Quality monitoring by quality people

Action with vision

Emphasis is laid on quality and process control according to our unique ‘G-WAY’ systems to ensure the finest and most consistent quality of yarn.

meeting world class standard

Quality Monitoring

With the capacity of 3.3 lakhs spindles of our spinning and open end plant we produce around 135 tons of yarn per day. Our unit processes have a high level of process automation, from automatic bale plucking to the final winding of the yarn in autoconer. We have comber capacity to meet 80% our production. We have top of the line testing and monitoring equipments to monitor the yarn quality. 100% of production is siro cleared, both in blow room and autoconers.

Yarn Quality

Our yarn quality monitoring starts at cotton procurement stage. We only procure the cotton for which all the quality parameters are met, and we take more care in contamination. We also procure less contamination cotton. During each and every process we have inspection standards as per the USTER standards. Only when all the quality parameters are met it is allowed to the next process. All our yarn quality standards are in line with Uster 5% to 25% level depend on the customers.