Employees our most valuable assets

What we Believe

We believe in people, people in turn believe us. This is our secret of success. We never compromise on the welfare of our employees and it will be second to none.

Excellence in the spirits of those who spin excellence

Children who are outstanding in studies, from the family of operators are awarded cash to motivate them for higher education.

Employees can avail the medical facility provided in every campus, twice weekly with doctor’s visiting once in three days free of cost.

We conduct Art of living breathing exercise for all employees with the help of “Pujya Shree Ravishankar ji” health foundation for their physical and mental wellness.

We organize workshops on company ethics where we invite expert speakers to train our employees to ethically carry out their duties and fulfil social responsibilities.

To increase the efficiency of our operators we have provided 200 motor bikes free of cost, worth of 1.2 crores.

We provide higher education loan to all eligible children of our employees to encourage them continue their education.